Lotus Racer

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I uncovered a Lotus Eleven that had not been seen since 1972. I purchased it from a man in rural Southwest Missouri. This former owner had purchased the car from an ad in the St.Louis paper in 1972 for $150; and began installing an engine but never finished. So the car remains as it was in 1972. (In fact, the car remains mostly original, with very few modifications done to it.) When I purchased the Eleven, the seller provided me with the bill of sale from his purchase of the car signed by one of the people selling the car to him.

Through luck and determination I was able to get in contact with these people. A pair of brothers, they indicated that they were eighteen when they bought the car and they were the ones who put the car in the primer that you see it wearing today. Unfortunately, they only owned the car for about eight months and had to sell. They indicated that the car had been purchased from another local man in the St.Louis area but remember no other details. Prior to that I have no history. If any of your web readers have information on Lotus Elevens in the St.Louis area in the 1960's or very early 1970's I would be grateful.

Future plans for the car call for a period restoration.